Grimes focused on upcoming CAC bodybuilding C/ships

Local bodybuilder Yannick Grimes is locked in and fully focussed on the 2019 Central America and Caribbean Championships (CAC) bodybuilding in the Dominican Republic from October 11-14, 2019. 

Grimes, who has been flexing his body for the judges over the past five years, has been one of Guyana’s consistent and dedicated performers. His recent outing saw him placing third at the 2019 Mr. Guyana Championship held a few weeks ago.

“So, after placing third at [this year’s] Mr. Guyana championships, I have now set my sights on Caribbean amateur championship to be held in the Dominican Republic,” the Space Gym poser explained to Stabroek Sport.

The former Mr. Guyana wants to use the CAC showpiece event as a stepping stone to achieving much more in the sport through wider exposure. 

“I look at CAC as the pinnacle of bodybuilding in the Caribbean but with there being so many elite pro shows coming now, I want to use this as a stepping stone towards 2020 where I look to push for higher heights in bodybuilding.

“I started to compete in 2014, but this year I set my sights on it [CAC) and was able to garner sponsorship towards my prep and I am now locked and focus on competing,” Grimes told Stabroek Sport.

Grimes, who will step on the stage in Santiago in just under five weeks, says he is keenly focused on his dieting to ensure he receives the nutrients needed to aid in curving his body into tip top shape.  His gym work, he said, is concentrated on making his muscles more defined. 

“My training started on June 5th where I began to prepare for CAC but then I was told I had to compete at Mr. Guyana championship 2019 so I had to switch gear in terms of my training; added super sets and worked more on my conditioning. Now I’m bringing up my definition and thickness in my back and shoulders,” Grimes revealed.

The young man is currently being supported by BK international, Star Party Rentals, Space Gym – mainly Mr Matos – John Lewis Styles, Windjammer International, Shakie Mining Company, Stefan John, and the D&J Group Inc. 

Below are some of his notable achievements:

2014 Flex Night International – 3rd place 

2015 Men’s Physique Novice Championship – 3rd place

2015 Supligen’s Mr. Guyana championship- 2nd place

2015 Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic- 4th place

2015 Flex Night Men’s Physique – 3nd Place

2016 Mr. Guyana championship –  2nd place

2016 Sports World Classic – 3rd Place (short class)

2016 Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic- 3rd Place (short class)

2017 Sports World Classic 4th Place (short class) 

2017 Mr. Guyana Championship 1st Place

2017 Eddy Wislon Tribute International 2nd place 

2018 Mr. Guyana Championship – 2nd place

2018 Darcy Beckles Invitational 7th place 

2019 Mr. Guyana Championship – 3rd place 

(Taken from Stabroek News)