Post tournament Review CPL 2018: Warriors’ fans praise local heroes

After 34 exciting matches featuring six teams and players from across the globe, Trinbago Knight Riders managed to successfully defend their title. This is what some fans had to say about the sixth edition of the Caribbean Premiere League.

Krystal Lee -Guyana

The Biggest Party in Sport has come to an end, and it turned out to be another great tournament filled with lots of excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed CPL 2018. I believe that the overall quality of cricket played in this edition of The Caribbean Premier League was good. I loved the fact that our Guyanese players, especially the youngsters, got the opportunity to play in most/all of the games for the Guyana Amazon Warriors, and they came to the party showcasing their talents. I enjoyed being in the crowd at Providence cheering on for GAW. That feeling is something so special. The atmosphere was electrifying and the experience quite unforgettable. I’m also glad that Guyana got to host more matches this year and we were able to host the playoffs for the first time, which were both very thrilling matches. It was amazing to see “a sea of yellow” representing their team not only in Guyana but at the other venues. I am disappointed that we were not able to win the title yet another year, but I do think that we played good cricket and reaching to the final was an achievement, despite having a change in captaincy midway in the tournament. Additionally, I thought that there was poor umpiring throughout this tournament. These poor decisions do have an impact on the game, and thus should be improved. My favorite game of CPL 2018 is when the Guyana Amazon Warriors faced Jamaica Tallawahs in Lauderhill, Florida. It was a sensational effort from the team to score 209 runs. I was screaming and jumping when we managed to bowl the opposition out for 138 runs. What a massive win! I enjoyed our batting display in this match. My chosen player of the tournament is Shimron Hetmyer. I think he has played vital innings to get us over the line on more than one occasions, and in most of the games he anchored the innings when he need to. He has definitely proven that he has the skills and talent to move forward. The moment of the tournament that I clearly remember and enjoy is when Tanvir hit DJ Bravo for SIX after a hat-trick of dots to win us the game. The celebrations at Providence were amazing after a nail-biting match against TKR. Another memorable moment is when Andre Russell scored 121 off just 49 deliveries, got a hat-trick and took a stunning catch all in the same match. His heroic performance lead the JTs to a superb win against Trinbago Knight Riders. I would like to see improvements in umpiring in the upcoming editions of CPL. If possible, there should be the DRS in every game and not just the semis and the final.


Narvin Lall- Trinidad & Tobago

Let me start by saying CPL 2018 has been the best all of 6 seasons thus far.  The thing I liked and enjoyed the most was the performances of our regional players, in particular the younger players like Shimron Hetmyer, Oshane Thomas, Kharry Pierre, as well as senior players like Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell. For me personally, the umpiring has always been an issue from the first season of CPL and this year, in my opinion it was THE WORST OF ALL SEASONS & IT WAS THE WORST OF ALL T20 LEAGUES IN THE WORLD and this is what I disliked the most. My favourite game of the tournament was definitely TKR vs Jamaica Tallawahs when Andre Russell scored 121, took a hattrick and an amazing catch. TKR thought they had the game in the bag but Russell was unbelievable, what a performance!The moment of the tournament I enjoyed the most was seeing my favourite cricketer, Kieron Adrian Pollard score his maiden T20 hundred. I always look forward to seeing him bat and I always believed that if he got enough overs to bat he’d score a century, I’ll always remember that moment. Moving forward to next season, I think there should be DRS for all games to help teams when wrong decisions are made. THE UMPIRING STANDARDS NEED TO IMPROVE ASAP!In the future, I think 2 more teams should be introduced. WHY IS THAT? Mainly because I believe there are alot of young, talented West Indies cricketers who aren’t getting the opportunity to showcase their talent and with the addition of 2 new teams we will most likely see more regional youth players in action, along with top overseas players. This will surely make the cricket more entertaining and competitive.To conclude, CPL 2018 WAS AMAZING and it was a WIN FOR WEST INDIES CRICKET.


Christophe Damon -Guyana

First of all, it was one of the most exciting, captivating and fun CPL so far. I enjoyed every six, four, wicket, catch and celebration as if I were on the field myself. This year was very competitive, each team provided a bit of flare to the tournament, Tridents to a less extent, but they had a great team on paper and they should have won more games than they did. I think everybody will say that the umpiring was well below par and maybe DRS should have been in place from the beginning. The highlight game of the tournament for me had to be TKR vs JT, the game had 32 fours and 29 sixes and over 400 runs. Andre Russell showcased his raw power hitting ability, smashing the ball all over the park in a 13 six innings of 121 not out. Russell’s innings was amazing but he wasn’t as consistent as my Man of the Series Colin Munro. Over 500 runs, 6 fifties, ah! He was a delight to watch every game, and to top it off, he came up trump in the grand final against the Warriors. As an Amazon Warriors fan, Sohail Tanvir’s six off the penultimate ball of the final over in the first Qualifier had to be the most thrilling and enjoyable moment for me. Credit must be given to organisers, coaches, players, fans and everyone who made this year’s CPL the best ever.


Sher Tember Charley -St. Lucia

It was like I didn’t really feel the hype for this year’s tournament. I only watched a few of the matches as a result. One major thing I would say that I liked about the tournament is the way in which our youth cricketers shined throughout the tournament. This proved that the future of West Indies cricket is in good hands. I didn’t like the few unfair calls from the umpires which to me kind of killed the energy of the games. My favourite game was the Jamaica Tallawahs vs Trinbago Knight Riders game in Trinidad which also involved my favourite inning by the one and only Andre Russell. I loved it not only because I am a huge Russell fan but also because I felt like we would’ve lost that game but something in me said stay up continue watching and it was so worth it. It was beautiful to say the least. Anyone who missed it, you missed out big time. My player of the tournament would be Rovman Powell for his all-round performance with the bat, ball and in the field. (Don’t let the last over he bowled in the playoffs distract you from how well he performed throughout the tournament. Everyone has a bad day). The moment of the tournament I remember clearly and enjoyed the most was Russell’s century. In the future I would like to see more accuracy in decision making on the umpire’s side, more local youth players for every side and less international players on the playing XI.


Richard Henry-Guyana

Cpl 2018 was exciting as usual this year. Getting a glimpse of Warner and Smith was nice even though they didn’t perform as I expected nevertheless it was exhilarating. Seeing the Amazon warriors going so far once again was by far the most exciting part of the tournament and of course seeing them lose was hard to take but what i disliked the most would be persons saying Emrit sold out the match and that puzzles me allot especially because he is Trinidad. On a whole the warriors depended on certain players so I don’t feel it’s fair and if that’s the case why not play Guyanese only instead of other Caribbean players then let’s see what the excuse will be. Hetmyer’s 100 hands down the best performance seeing a Guyanese batsman actually performing is something that has never been really seen until now and for it to be such a youngster. He has a bright future and I hope this stamps his place in the West Indies teams for all formats. The way he progressed his innings was marvellous. I would love to see more teams in the CPL. Six teams just don’t cut it, with such limited teams it’s usually the same teams qualifying every year and that’s not good for cricket. Another two teams would open the tournament up as well as making it fair for teams like Jamaica who had to play home games away from home. That just isn’t right. CPL2018 was full of surprises I look forward to continuing years to see this tournament evolve.


Saeed Gopie- Guyana

This was one of the best years for the CPLT20 tournament. The players showed a great deal of maturity and sportsmanship both on and off the field. There was a lot of exciting games this year but the one I’ll always remember is match #11 GAW VS JT, when our home boy Shimron Hetmyer created history by becoming the first Guyanese and youngest player to score a century in CPL games. CPL gives youngsters a chance to showcase their talent and this year we had a lot of youngsters that contributed to the success of their teams namely Shimron Hetmyer, Fabian Allen, Khary Pierre just to name a few. I think selectors and senior players should start going to local club games in search of talent and not just depend on the newspapers to highlight the top players.
It is very unfair for players to be fined when they overreact because they were given an incorrect decision by the umpires. This was probably the worse showcase of umpiring in the history of the game.
Umpires should be fined for giving obvious incorrect decision. The introduction of players review for the finals should be taken into the 2019 leg of the CPL tournament. When players have a review up their sleeves it gives them a sense of security, and not just putting their lives into the on field umpire hands. This year we saw a larger crowd at all the venues, this showed the growth of CPL over the past 6 years. I hope that the upcoming years we can see more franchises and May be the introduction of players from India.


Trishelle Ross- Guyana

This year CPL was the best I have watched yet. I felt like even though Guyana didn’t have their best team this year, they had great individual players. First, Guyana needs to appoint a local player as captain and stop buying strike/overseas players that cannot captain us throughtout because they have to leave for international duties. And with that said I must thank Chris Green and Emrit for their great efforts in leading the team.I must say hats off to the local players especially Hetmyer, Rutherford,Shepard and Paul. The overseas players did a great job as well. It was amazing to see the hospitality and support each side got at their home games and also supporters for the away teams. I felt like they should have had a review system for every game because it was really disappointing to see players wrongly given out before getting a chance to prove themselves or when they were on the edge of a phenomenal innings. They camaraderie amongst  the players was amazing to see,even the foreign players got excited about the Caribbean culture. Not forgetting the great Danny Morrison and his fellow commentators who kept the viewers at home even more entertained with his excitement and unusual cricket phrases;(my new favourite “pick the bones outta that one” Danny really enjoyed the El Dorado,lol. My favourite player this year was of course Hetmyer for his outstanding performance and consistency throughout the tournament. The game I most enjoyed would have to be Jamaica vs Guyana when Hetmyer got 100 off just 49 balls at what was supposed to be an away game by felt as if it was played right home at Providence. The moment that absolutely left me dumbfounded was the game were I thought all hope was lost for Jamaica when Andre “superman” Russel did what superheroes do and brought it home for his team with the first century of hero CPL 2018. For the next CPL I would like to see a review system for every game and  finals played in Guyana since we made it to 4 of 6 finals. Even thought my home team didn’t lift the trophy and the umpiring was the poorest of any T/20 tournament I have ever seen, over all I can say this year will go down as the best for me.


Allistir Field-Guyana

It was not a bad tournament, but it could’ve been better. The umpiring really needs to improve, and I dislike these Florida games, i understand the need to promote the game in the U.S, but if Florida is not going to contribute a team to the competition, it just serves to take some things away from the teams there already. Jamaica having to play 3 “home” matches there didn’t sit well with me and I don’k care who owns the team. I still think 4 instead of 5 overseas players is acceptable. The use of review in the playoffs only isn’t a bad idea in my opinion, although i feel they only did that because of the poor umpiring and right be implemented for whole tournaments later, but having to work your way to the playoffs to have the benefit of the review isn’t a bad idea. It was fun going to the games and supporting my team, the energy from the fans were also great, I think we did a good job supporting the warriors wherever they went this year. Seeing as I only watched the Guyana games I only got to see a handful of innings, of but the best I’ve seen has got to go with Hetmyer’s 100 or Sherfane’s 45*, but my player of the tournament is Munro, over 100 runs ahead of the rest is no small feat, and he played really well in that final. the moment in the tournament i’ll remember most was the second match here in Guyana against St.Lucia, with Keemo running in to bowl the last over, being in the crowd with everybody chanting Keemo’s name for the last 2 balls until we won, and having that game being brought home, was amazing. What I’d like to see in future tournaments, is better umpiring, and the further use of the review system and of Course for Guyana to finally bring home the trophy.

Ray Newton -Guyana

This CPL 2018 was filled with ups and downs for my team the Guyana Amazon warriors, with the showcase of talent from our very own locals Hetmyer and Sherfane Rutherford they did our country proud. The game that had the most impact on me would be the finals, getting a first ball duck send shock waves to my head to both Sherfane and Hetmyer be caught cheaply the odds of my team gaining a big score was slim. The player of the tournament for me would be Rayad Emrit even though people say he sold out I know he didn’t, if you love cricket you would know that there is no selling out , you just don’t pick up a ball and bowl or pick up a bat you have to love the sport and representing a country so much pride and responsibility would you sell out? He tried his best even when he was criticized and bashed by the media.He was even dropped now tell me what that would do to your confidence. Cricketers go through bad patches it’s his responsibility now to go back to the drawing board and come again. The umpiring was poor, commentating by Darren Ganga and Tino Best “ugh” leave this for the professional guys. Finally It Is chicken curry and not curry chicken.